10 fun things to do in London

10 fun things to do in London

Are you visiting London for the first time and would like to tour the city? Are you wondering where to start exploring the beautiful city? London has many fun activities, whether alone, with your significant other, or with children. You can visit many breathtaking buildings, streets, museums, and parks and admire the items on display or nature. Continue reading to find out the ten fun things to do in London.

1.    Visit the Tower bridge and gaze at its splendor

This is one of the most famous landmarks in London. It was built towards the end of the 19th century over the River Thames. You can gaze at it and take in its beauty and architectural greatness or walk over the glass walkway over the bridge to catch some fantastic river views. There are also numerous tours that you can take including private excursions, cruises and walking tours. All tours will help you learn the bridge’s history and see incredible river views.

2.    Visit Leicester Square

At Leicester square, you can watch cinemas and movie premiers or just rest after hours of walking around London. It is a beautiful street with many cinemas which have the largest screens in the city. There are also various restaurants on the streets that you can sample. There is a garden in the middle of the square where people rest and the square is the venue for the Chinese New Year celebrations.

3.    Tour Camden town

This is a lovely Town to visit whenever you are in London. It has various exciting activities happening all the time. These include street performers, exhibitions, shops, and eccentric pubs and restaurants. The food stalls in the town are also worth checking out. The stall traders offer international cuisine, exceptional artwork, and trinkets. You can also walk to King’s Cross or Camden Lock next to the water and relax your mind.

4.    Get a birds-eye view of London from the London Eye

Take a ride on London’s biggest Ferris wheel and see the city from a high point. The ride can take about 30 minutes. Getting a ticket can be a bit hectic due to the long queue, but you can pay about nine pounds more and get a fast-line-ticket that doesn’t require much waiting. You can spice up your visit to the London Eye by popping into the nearby London Aquarium to view sea creatures from different parts of the world, such as crocodiles and Jellyfish.

5.    Go to the majestic Buckingham Palace

You can’t say you have been to London if you haven’t visited Buckingham Palace, where the British Royal Family has lived since 1837. It contains 775 rooms and has the biggest private garden in the city. Part of the palace is also accessible to the public, so you can see a glimpse of the royal way of life. Outside the palace, you will watch the guards taking over from the guards on duty during changing guard time.

6.    Have dinner at The  Shard

The Shard is the tallest building in the city, offering some of the best views. When up there, you can have a 360-degree view of London. You will experience the thrill of a fast elevator and see attractions like The Thames, St. Paul, Tower of London and London Eye. While there, you can eat at one of the six restaurants in the building. Take your camera with you and capture fantastic city photos day and night.

7.    Visit the Warners Bros Studio and see the setting of the Harry Potter Series

If you are a Harry Potter fan, don’t leave London before taking a Harry Potter Studio Tour. The studio is in Watford, a 7 hours drive from London. You can see costumes, props, and the set at the studio. You can also go into the Gryffindor common room and walk through the Diagon Alley.

8.    Get on a bus tour and view multiple attractions within a short time

If you don’t have too much time to spend touring the city on foot, you can hop on a hop-on-hop-off bus and tour the town within a few hours. During the trip, you will see all the famous attractions in London, such as Piccadilly Circus, the Tower of London, the London Eye, and Buckingham Palace..

9.    Dine on a bus

You can enjoy six mouth-watering courses while touring the beautiful city on a bus. The bus can accommodate 38 people. Hence, you can have fun with friends, a lover or meet new people on tour and interact with them.

10.  Visit the Hampstead Heath Park

Get away from all the hustle and bustle of the city by visiting this serene park in London. It covers an ample space of about 700 acres, and it’s located in a hilly part of London. So, you can look down at the city from the park, surrounded by greenery and wildlife. You can also swim in the pool at the park.

Final thoughts

The good thing about visiting London is that you don’t have to spend money to have fun since there are many activities you can do for free. These include visiting museums, parks, and art galleries. You can even go to famous streets like Baker Street, where the famous fictitious detective Sherlock Holmes lived. If you want to do shopping, there is the Oxford Street with its many designer shops. So, pick the places you would like to visit depending on your schedule or budget and let your eyes feast on the beautiful sights in and around London.